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September 3, 2022

Please remember to bring in your Latin Fee ($30) as soon as possible. Cash or check payable to "Northside College Prep. H.S." is fine. If you have a CPS fee waiver, please just shoot me an email to let me know. Gratias!  If you remain unclear about the purpose of the fee, please see below a more detailed explanation.


During the course of each year, all NCP Latin students take the following:

National Latin Exam
National Classical Etymology Exam
National Latin Vocabulary Exam
Nation Roman Civilization Exam
Medusa Mythology Exam

There is a $3-$5 fee for each of these tests. These exams enhance student learning in the areas covered by the exams, and awards on these tests are excellent credentials for college, etc.

We also collect money to register all Latin students in both the IL Junior Classical League and National Junior Classical League. Membership in these organizations is required both for attendance at JCL events and conventions, as well as for membership in the National Latin Honor Society.

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