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When push comes to shove, we are just an enthusiastic group of students dedicated to studying the Classics – and maybe winning a few trophies along the way. Comprising about 150 students across four levels of Latin and an AP course, our reach extends far beyond the classroom in the form of a club, a team, and a huge JCL delegation. Every year we send about 75 students to the regional IJCL convention and almost half that to the NJCL convention, where we never come up short on awards. As the winningest chapter in IJCL history and an accomplished national team, we study hard and play harder.

We owe much of this success to our fearless leader, Magister Nifong, who has spearheaded the NCP Latin program for more than six years – and counting. Mr. Nifong sponsors Northside’s Latin Club and Northside’s chapters of the Junior Classical League and the National Latin Honor Society. He also leads biennial Spring Break trips to Italy and Greece. Beyond the walls of Northside, Mr. Nifong is Co-Chair of the Illinois Junior Classical League, for whom he plans the Illinois delegation’s trip to the National Junior Classical League Convention each summer, and Vice President of the Illinois Classical Conference.

Board Members

Have a look at our board members, the talented minds that propel NCP Latin forwards.


NCP Latin is one of the most well-respected academic programs in the City of Chicago, and for good reason. We combine rigorous academics with a wide range of activities and events. Every year, we attend the Illinois Junior Classical League Convention in Chicago – with one of the largest delegations in attendance (approx. 75% of Latin Students at NCP attend) we see consistent success and have a ton of fun. Back home, we organize and carry out a variety of service projects around the community and make a point of contributing to the culture at NCP. All of this contributes to creating a fun and informative experience for students as they navigate the world of classics. VIsit the JCL and Events sections to learn more about our involvement with the JCL.

Our Classroom experience includes Latin courses through AP. Latin 1 and 2 are focused on language basics and some history but are entry level courses designed for new latin students. The curriculum is focused on fun activities that keep students engaged. Latin 3 and up are more advanced courses that cover advanced language and literature as well as deep investigations into classical history. While these classes are more rigorous and require more dedication from students, they are far from dull. To learn more about our class offerings and events, have a look through the “About” Section.


NCP’s Latin Program is one of the most successful in the country, offering levels 1-5 and AP Latin.


Over the course of a year we rack up quite a few awards and laurels – have a look for yourself!

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