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JCL (Junior Classical League)

The Junior Classical League is an organization dedicated to promoting the study of the Classics and is responsible for hosting the annual National JCL convention in July. Many states also have regional JCL chapters, such as the Illinois JCL, that host separate events. These conventions range in scope and content, but most include the following:

  • Spirit Competition – Students and delegations demonstrate their school spirit and can accumulate spirit points over the course of the convention to win some awesome prizes.

  • Testing & Assessments – As boring as it sounds, students are always happy to demonstrate their academic prowess in a battery of paper-and-pencil style tests that cover topics such as Latin literature, Greek grammar, mythology, daily life of a Roman, and more.

  • Art Contests – These range from sculpture to watercolor. Students submit pieces made before or during convention to gain even more points for their delegation.

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