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We, the members of the Northside College Prep (NCP) Latin Club, in order to establish a set of rules under which to operate, do hereby ordain and establish this constitution.

Article 1
Name of Organization

The name of this organization shall be the Northside College Prep Latin Club which may be shortened to the Northside or NCP Latin Club. The NCP Latin Club shall be a local chapter of the Illinois Junior Classical League and of the National Junior Classical League.

Article 2

Students of Latin and the Classics at Northside shall be eligible to attend NCP Latin Club meetings. Any student who attends at least one Latin Club meeting and/or indicates their desire to join the club shall be considered a member of the NCP Latin Club until the day after the conclusion of the NJCL Convention following that school year.

Article 3
Club Officers

§1. Club Officers Defined:

A. The elected officers of this organization shall be the following: two Consuls, two Praetors, at least two Quaestors (one Quaestor Pecuniarum and one Quaestor Scriptorum, as well as up to six optional extra Quaestors, not to exceed a total of eight) two Spirit Aediles, One Censor , one Historian, and two Tribunes.

B. The Executive Board of this organization shall consist of all current officers, as well as immediate past Consuls, if still members of the Club. The Executive Board shall be called the Senate or the Latin Club Board.

§2. Term of Office:

The term of office shall be for one year, beginning and ending on the first Tuesday following the close of elections. If a senior who holds a position on the Executive Board graduates from Northside College Prep, their term of office shall be terminated on the day after the conclusion of the NJCL Convention following that school year.

§3. Qualifications:

Any student who shall meet the following qualifications shall be eligible to be a candidate for office:

A. Candidates must be enrolled in and have a grade of C or higher in Latin Class at the time of the elections, and must maintain enrollment and passing quarter and semester grades in Latin for the duration of the school year.

B. Candidates must have paid their JCL membership dues for the year of their candidacy.

C. Candidates must not be failing any classes at the time of the latest official progress update prior to the election.

D. Candidates must not run for more than one Latin Club office at the same time.

E. Candidates must not have previously served a full year in the office they are seeking.

F. Candidates for the consulship must be at least sophomores and must have completed at least one year of high school Latin.

G. Only Latin I students may run for the office of Tribune. It is not required that they be a Freshman.

§4. Election Procedures

A. Election shall be by secret ballot.

B. A candidate must receive a plurality of votes cast to be elected to an office.

C. Each member shall get one vote for each position available for each office and may cast it for any candidate or no confidence.

D. Elections for all officers shall be held annually, during the month of May or June, with the exception of Tribune, which is held in September.

E. In addition to the two Quaestors regularly elected, the consuls may request the election of additional Quaestors, to perform other duties which may arise. Following a period for nominations, the Executive Board shall elect the requested number of additional Quaestors by a plurality vote. Extra Quaestors shall serve until the next regular election or until their resignation if earlier.

F. Each member of the Latin Club shall have an equal vote in the election for each office, with the exceptions noted in clause H.

G. Members of Latin I may only vote for candidates running for Tribune, and only members of Latin I may vote for Tribune.

H. Prior to regular voting for officers, the Executive Board shall serve as a Nominations Committee and shall narrow the field of candidates. The Nominations Committee shall not select a number of candidates greater than two more than the number of possible winners for each office.

I. In the event that a tie should occur in a way that would affect the election, the newly elected Latin Club Board will hold a runoff election among themselves to determine which of the tied candidates shall receive a position.

§5. Removal from Office:

A. Any member who feels that a Club officer should be removed from office shall submit a petition containing the signatures of at least five other Club members to the Praetor Urbanus, who shall then announce the measure to the board and conduct a vote on the impeachment request. If a member desires to remove the Praetor Urbanus from office, the petition shall be submitted to the Consuls who shall announce and conduct the vote.

B. A vote on an impeachment petition shall be held one week after it is announced to the Club board.

C. Prior to a vote on impeachment, the reasons for removal from office shall be stated for the benefit of all board members by those members desiring the removal.

D. Prior to a vote on the impeachment of an officer, that officer shall have the opportunity to present a defense, either in the form of a speech or a written statement to the board.

E. All board members shall have one vote on impeachment decisions.

F. If a majority of board members vote to impeach an officer, he/she shall be removed from office effective immediately.

G. An officer may resign by submitting a statement of resignation to the Praetor Urbanus or a Consul if the Praetor Urbanus is not available.

H. If more than four months remain in the term of an officer who is impeached or who resigns, the Consuls may, by a unanimous decision, appoint a replacement. If a Consul is impeached or resigns, one of the two Praetors, selected by majority vote of the board, shall become Consul, and a new Praetor be appointed by a unanimous decision of the two new Consuls.​

Article 4
Procedure for Formal Meetings

§1. Quorum

A quorum for formal meetings shall consist of 50% of the Senate members.

§2. Rules of Order

This organization shall operate under Robert’s Rules of Order, however these rules may be modified by the Senate to suit the nature of the organization.

Article 5

§1. Bylaws:

Bylaws not contrary to any provision of this Constitution may be established. Any member may propose a change of the bylaws by submitting the change in writing to the Praetors for review, who shall then notify the Executive Board. A Praetor shall then present the proposed change for a vote of the Board.

§2. Bylaws Procedure:

Bylaws may be established, amended, or repealed by a majority vote of the Executive Board. All Latin Club members shall be notified by the Praetors of any change in the bylaws.

§3. Veto:

Bylaws changes may be vetoed by a majority vote of all club members.

§4. Changes:

Changes to Section I of the Bylaws shall not be effective until after the next election.

Article 6

§1. Amendments:

This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of all members.

§2. Procedure:

Any member may propose an amendment to this Constitution. The amendment must be submitted in writing to the Praetors for review. A Praetor shall then present the amendment to all members for a vote.

Article 7

Ratification of this Constitution shall be by secret ballot. A two-thirds affirmative vote of all members as defined shall be necessary for adoption.


Duties of the Officers:

A. Consuls:

  1. Shall act as the executive officers of the Latin Club.

  2. Shall confer with the other officers to ensure that the Club operates effectively.

  3. Shall work with other officers to prepare an agenda for any formal meetings.

  4. Shall preside over any formal meetings of the Latin Club.

  5. Shall work to ensure that the Club serves the needs of its members.

  6. Shall preside over votes on the impeachment of a Praetor Urbanus.

  7. Current Consuls shall also be known as the Presidents. Former Consuls shall be known as Proconsuls. A Proconsul shall be known as a Senior Administrator.

B. Praetors:

  1. Shall act as assistant executive officers of the Latin Club.

  2. Shall execute the duties of the Consuls if neither Consul is able to do so.

  3. The Praetor Urbanus shall review proposed amendments to the Constitution and conduct a vote of all club members on any proposed amendment.

  4. The Praetor Urbanus shall ensure the Constitutionality of proposed additions and amendments to the Bylaws and conduct a vote among the Executive Board on such proposed changes.

  5. The Praetor Urbanus shall preside over and conduct votes on the impeachment of club officers.

  6. The Praetor Urbanus shall conduct the election of new officers at the end of their term.

  7. The Praetor Urbanus shall interpret the Constitution if any questions arise.

  8. The Praetor Peregrinus shall be responsible for publicity and promoting NCP Latin Club.

  9. The Praetor Peregrinus shall manage all NCP Latin Club social media accounts and posts.

  10. Shall also be known as the Vice Presidents.

C. Quaestors:

  1. The Quaestor Pecuniarum shall act as treasurer of the Latin Club.

  2. The Quaestor Pecuniarum shall be responsible for managing and documenting Latin Club funds, income, fundraising, and spending.

  3. The Quaestor Pecuniarum shall be in charge of procuring all grant monies.

  4. The Quaestor Scriptorum shall act as secretary of the Club and shall maintain records of official business, including topics discussed and decisions reached at formal Club meetings.

  5. The Quaestor Scriptorum shall maintain records of changes in the Constitution or Bylaws of the Club.

  6. Extra Quaestors shall perform duties as assigned by the consuls.

  7. The Quaestor Scriptorum shall be known as the Secretary, while the Quaestor Pecuniarum shall be known as the Treasurer.

D. Aediles

  1. Shall oversee the creation of spirit displays, such as banners and standards.

  2. Shall be responsible for the maintenance and storage of spirit displays.

  3. Shall organize any entertainment events of the Latin Club.

  4. Shall act as spirit leaders, or be responsible for appointing spirit leaders.

  5. Shall also be known as the Member Activity Directors.

E. Censor:

  1. Shall manage the membership of the Latin Club.

  2. Shall maintain a list of club members’ names, advisories, emails, and phone numbers.

  3. Shall pass on the membership list to their successor to be continued.

  4. Shall keep a record of club officers for the year of their Censorship, as well as previous years, and pass the records on to the next Censor.

  5. Shall be in charge of the recruitment of new Latin students and new Latin Club members while assisting Tribunes with this task.

  6. The Censor shall be in charge of maintaining the library as well as a list of all works in the library.

  7. Shall also be known as the Membership Director.

  8. Shall also be in charge of the maintenance of the Latin Club website.

F. Historian

  1. Shall keep photographic record of all Latin Club activities.

  2. Shall be in charge of the making/entering of Northside College Prep Local Scrapbook and State and National conventions.

  3. Shall oversee the publication of the NCP Latin Club’s official quarterly publication, Bucephalus.

G. Tribunes

  1. Shall ensure that the Latin I members are kept informed about Latin Club business and are well represented on the Board.

  2. Shall be in charge of the recruitment of new Latin students and new Latin Club members.

  3. Shall also be known as Latin I Representatives.

  4. Shall assist the Censor in recruiting new Latin students and new Latin Club members.

Appointment of Ad Hoc Committees

A. Any club officer, with the consent of their co-officer if applicable, may appoint an individual or a committee for the purpose of carrying out specific duties under the jurisdiction of said officers.

B. By a majority vote, the Senate shall have the power to veto the creation of a committee or the appointment of a particular individual to a committee.

C. Any member of the Latin Club may be appointed to a committee.

D. If the duties of a proposed committee are either very large or do not fall under the jurisdiction of a particular type of officer, the Consuls should begin the process of electing an extra Quaestor to do the job.

E. The Quaestor Scriptorum shall maintain a record of all committees in existence at any time, for the reference of the Senate and the Club.

Votes of the Senate

A. The Senate shall meet to discuss and vote on items of importance to the Club, including fundraising proposals, T-shirt and skit ideas, and anything else not prohibited by the Constitution.

B. Provided that there is a quorum, a majority vote of Senate members present shall be required for any proposal to pass.

C. As stated in the Constitution, changes to the Bylaws require a majority vote of the entire Senate.

External Office Candidate Selection Committee

In an event, where a member of the NCP Latin Club wishes to run for an office pertaining to the classics as a representative from the school, e.g. running for a IJCL/NJCL office, they must have the official endorsement of the External Office Candidate Selection Committee. The External Office Candidate Selection Committee shall only consist of all officers of the Senate with the exception of those who are seeking endorsement to run for an office. If all members of the Senate are seeking an external office simultaneously at the given time, then the sponsor of the NCP Latin Club will be responsible for the endorsement(s). The External Office Candidate Selection Committee shall have the power to create/modify/remove guidelines with regards to the selection process as necessary. In order for a guideline to become official, it must have more than 50% of the approval of the committee.

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